Beauty + Mystery

A composite of aliveness, I fuse now, memory, and hope into one "painting experience"

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Edge of Today solo exhibit at City Art Gallery

One of Ellen's beautiful yellow paintings hangs above my fireplace, the focus of my room so I get to see it a lot. Yesterday, my imagination got lost in the painting,  reminding me of my old house and dog and people I know. It was an amazing experience.  

Sheila Loring, Collector, Oklahoma City, OK

Ellen Hathaway's intuitive and sure brushwork and expressive color combinations  are reminiscent of the art of the female abstract expressionists such as Joan Mitchell and Grace Hartigan.

Lyn Warren, Art Dealer, Owner Director, Les Yeux du Monde Gallery, Charlottesville, VA

We saw Ellen's painting on her website and felt it'd coordinate with a favorite painting in our family room. As well as an artist, Ellen's a designer. She inserted images of different paintings into a photo of our room to help us visualize. But our instincts were right! We selected the one that first spoke to us."

Ellia Manners, Collector