"Ellen Hathaway's intuitive and sure brushwork and expressive color combinations  are reminiscent of the art of the female abstract expressionists such as Joan Mitchell and Grace Hartigan."

The late Lyn Warren, Art Historian & Founder Les Yeux du Monde Gallery, Charlottesville, VA

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You're invited to scroll down and see each of the four series I am currently working. I flow among these bodies of work. My process reflects a kind of symbiotic relationship ~ working within the boundaries of one series opens possibilities within the boundaries of another ~ one giving vitality to the other.

Florality: New Life

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My first paintings were flowers. Botanical rendering was never the subject. Rather, flowers are a metaphor for new life. Cycles of birth, death, and rebirth are universally experienced: the sun rising and setting, monthly lunar cycles, tides, seasons, and human mortality. This content is ever-present for me threading through all of my works - the heartbeat of my creations.

Someplace: Horizon as composition

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These paintings feature horizontal compositions for structural purposes to investigate color, texture and applications, rather than representing specific places in specific times. As the paintings develop, I'm carried "someplace" within my memory, or imagination. Where does it take you?

Soul Searching: Value as structure on canvas and paper

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I call this series "Soul Searching" because focusing on less elements created a feelings of vulnerability, and transparency - a bearing of the soul. Art reveals epiphanies, and often scrience, this lesson is limited elements amplify in their exposure. Less energy to hide or muffle opens more space for breathing and being - the purity of limitedness creating limitlessness.

Patinas in Paint

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One reason I get jazzed about working in acrylic is the versatility of polymer products. From gel mediums to pastes, matifiers to glossers, transparency to opacity, the combinations are endless. My journey in alchemy began with simply asking "what if?" It's taken me on an exploration where the surface quality of the painting is the subject.

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