For me, painting is prayer, a gateway for inner reflection and creative expression of being rooted in the beauty and mystery of God's love. A composite of aliveness, I fuse now, memory, and hope into one "painting experience".


The open silence of an untouched canvas calls to me.  I respond by making personal marks and gestures, mixing media, using a brush, even my hands, building texture, pushing color, scratching paint away, all while noticing  how passages share space. The physicality of transforming a canvas generates history and possibility. Every mark, color, or texture, exposed and hidden, creates a dynamic and rich surface. 

This "painting experience" is not an ending, but a new beginning giving life to a beauty and mystery all its own - a created space  inviting you to engage, remember, and imagine. A space sacred and healing.

"Arise, my darling. Come away with me, my beautiful one." Song of Solomon  2:10

My Story

I grew up in Washington, a small town on the banks of the Pamlico River in Eastern North Carolina. No matter where you're raised, we're imbued with imagination and desire to create. This universal call to live creatively is as unique as our fingerprints.

My mother fanned this flame giving me an art box filled with colorful paint. My father suggested pursuing art in college. They honored this calling before I, fearful of my belief an arts education meant abandoning “my voice.” 

 I received degrees in media production from UNC-CH and a Masters in Teaching from UVA’s Curry School. Leaving careers in broadcast sales and teaching kindergarten, I chose to stay home when our first daughter was born. 

Life as expected. Then it changed.Not an ending, but a new beginning.

My father died of cancer; two daughters were born within two years; I admitted I was powerless over the alcohol used to gloss bouts of depression and anxiety.  God’s love gave me hope, transforming what felt only like confusion into promise. This grace gives me the freedom to love, forgive, and create. It was during this season that my desire to draw and paint reawakened. I've nurtured my call with continual formal study with mentor Steven Aimone, and community with trusted artists.

Daily I ask myself, "Who is the artist?


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