Praying the aliveness in me touches the aliveness in you.

Our lives are imbued with ineffable beauty and mystery. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times we don't recognize it. But out of the ordinary, we can experience the extraordinary. That’s where we find renewal.

 Encountering a seemingly ordinary piece of cloth marked with paint, an aliveness radiates arousing our senses. Looking closer, we see layers of history and possibility, suggesting change, time, or growth. Texture, lyrical line, drips, splatters, and bold color -the dynamic essence creates an effect both generous and unexpected. Pushing toward the edges of the canvas, fragments of imagery resonant of nature coming into and out of being, allude to life’s regenerative cycles. The ambiguity of the painted space is intentional; our senses summon memory and imagination making this encounter particular to each of us.

What was hidden is now a beauty and mystery of its own - an invitation to experience art’s extraordinary power to affirm life, spark joy, and touch us in ways unanticipated and maybe indescribable.


My Lover speaks, 

"Arise my Darling, my beautiful one, and come away with me."

Song of Solomon 2:10

My Story

 No matter where you're raised, we're  experience innate imagination and desire to create. I grew up in Washington, a small town on the banks of the Pamlico River in Eastern North Carolina. Camellias blooming in winter. Intricate patterns naturally etched onto Cypress balls falling along the river shore. Remembering the feeling of scratching a pin into wooden windowsills. The cosmic call to live creatively is as unique as each fingerprint.

My mother fanned this flame giving me an art box filled with colorful paint. My father suggested pursuing art in college. They honored this calling before I.  

Receiving a BA from UNC-CH, and a Masters in Teaching from UVA’s Curry School, I eventually chose leaving careers in media sales and teaching to stay home when our first daughter was born.

Life as expected. Then it changed. Not an ending, but a new beginning.

My father died of cancer; two daughters were born within two years; I admitted I was powerless over the alcohol used to gloss bouts of depression and anxiety.  God’s love gave me hope, transforming what felt only like confusion into promise. This grace gives me aliveness: the freedom to love, forgive, and create.
It was during this season that my desire to draw and paint reawakened, and 9/11 galvanized it. I nurture this call by spending time with God, continued formal study, and community with trusted artists. 

And daily asking myself, "Who is the artist?"


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