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See how an Ellen Hathaway painting will look in your space?

  • "Ellen Hathaway's intuitive and sure brushwork and expressive color combinations  are reminiscent of the art of the female abstract expressionists such as Joan Mitchell and Grace Hartigan." ~Lyn Bolen Warren, founder and former director of Les Yeux du Monde Gallery, Charlottesville, VA

Florality: New Life

Florality: New Life

This tiny seed, that tender root, with no power in itself transforms... 

  • "One of Ellen's beautiful yellow paintings hangs above my fireplace, the focus of my room so I get to see it a lot. Yesterday, my imagination got lost in the painting,  reminding me of my old house and dog and people I know. It was an amazing experience. "  ~Sheila Loring, Collector, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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