I can design a painting just for you ~

If you'd like an original painting in my personal style, let me work with you to make it happen.
It's essential that my style resonates with you. Content, design, and aesthetic are personal for each painter, like one's fingerprints. While I can use another of my works for inspiration, I can not copy anything I have painted before, nor can I paint in a style like another painter. I will create a one-of-a-kind painting. 

What do you imagine?

LET'S START with a conversation. A conversation is not a commitment, so let's chat about what you're desiring.

YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW what you want, simply that you want a painting in my style.

The Collaborative process begins

WITH A CONTRACT you'll invest half of the cost and I will purchase materials.

I'LL ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS to get whatever information I need from you. Seeing your space, measuring, showing you color samples, pictures of my work that resonant and don't, sharing progress along the way, I listen, look, and translate to design a painting that speaks to you.

I can design a painting just for you ~

Commission Pricing

12 x 12 inches $525

16 x 16 inches - $950

12 x 36 inches - $1025

24 x 24 inches - $1375

30 x 30 inches - $2050

36 x 36 inches - $2800

36 x 48 inches - $3600

40 x 60 inches - $4900

Let's exchange ideas on art for you.