"For me,Painting is sensuous exploration where the pigment, texture and mark of the media dance on the ambiguous edge between word and essence"

 Ellen Hathaway

Daughter. Wife. Mother. Artist

I can love and create because the Divine

loved me into being.

Making art makes me feel alive. 

Why was my mother not as fascinated as I with my scratched patterns on our wood-stained windowsills? I meticulously created those designs with a straight pin. Repeatedly. My beloved imaginary friend Deider, as real as I, appreciated them.  Red, intensified when coupled with yellow electrifies me, as does my groom.  The walls of my home drip in these hues. And having his two daughters, who've now flown our nest, transformed me. Motherhood: trying to always remember what it felt like at “her age", and feelings of compassion for the unrealized heart of my own mother. 

The picture plane is open space where the

guest can find one’s own soul.

At different times both the artist and viewer are guests.  

With a degree in Radio-Television and Motion Pictures from UNC-Chapel Hill, and Masters in Teaching from The Curry School at UVA, I worked in media sales and the classroom. But it was during the season of homemaking and motherhood that my desire to draw and paint reemerged. And began my journey into painting and self-discovery. My process has been enriched and broadened through much experimentation and study with Steve Aimone and Ron Boehmer.

The divine gift of our amazing human capacity for

love and connection transforms us amidst

our afflux seasons in life. 

Through a collaboration of artistic decisions intuitive and formal,  I paint using a dynamic process with expansive paint - layering, building texture, pushing color to create an effect that is both generous and unexpected.  

Ultimately, my desire is to embrace art’s potential to connect, affirm, and spark joy.

I invite your contemplation.