"My Paintings Are sensuous explorations in pigment and media of the ambiguous edge between word and essence"

 Ellen Hathaway

Exploring the tension in the space between knowing and not knowing to find balance and beauty describes my practice of painting. 

I am inspired by cycles experienced in life. Imagery resonant of nature evolves into expressionism becoming as much about the emotion, color, and gesture. Collaboration of intuition and discipline, I seek a dynamic surface by mixing media -building texture, layering, pushing color—to create an effect that is both generous and unexpected.

The picture plane is open space where the guest can find one’s own soul ~ both the artist and viewer are guests. Ultimately my desire is deeper awareness and trust of the authentic voice within while embracing art’s potential to connect, affirm, and spark joy.

I invite your contemplation.

Ellen Rodman Hathaway has lived her life in the south, born in Washington, NC, on the Pamlico River, and for a 30 years lived and raised her family in Charlottesville, VA. 

With a degree in Radio-Television-Motion Pictures, UNC-CH, and Masters in Teaching from The Curry School, UVA, she pursued careers in media and the classroom before stepping away from the workforce to concentrate on homemaking and raising two daughters. Hathaway has directed her arts education through formal and personal exploration, since 2014 studying with Steven Aimone.

Ellen and her husband, Curtis, now call Raleigh, NC home; their daughters have flown the nest but live nearby. Hathaway paints out of her Studio at ArtSpace in downtown Raleigh.

Ellen feels so blessed to be supported and encouraged by family, galleries representing her work, and those who live with her paintings daily in their homes and places of work.